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Hi List,

I'm working on a Lua project involving binary modules. The main
platform is Linux, and it's working as expected there. One of our
developpers is on MacOS-X, and he's having a lot of troubles having
the project run on his computer. Especially, we have crashes on
shutdown when the some userdata created in the binary modules get
collected (typical multiple-lua-lib problem). This is mainly because
we don't have a -E option on the MacOSX linker, so we cannot use the
Linux way of sharing the Lua library.

So my question is, what is the normal way to have support for binary
modules in Lua on MacOSX ? Should the Lua library be linked in its own
shared library, against which both the interpreter executable and the
binary modules are linked ? Is there another compiler/linker option to
have the interpreter executable export its symbols ? Is the official
"make macosx" target building a Lua suitable to load binary modules,
and in that case how to build such binary modules ?

I don't have a Mac platform to test it, and my friend is not fluent
enough in Lua and/or C to debug it himself, so I don't need
suggestions, but rather definitive answers, hoping I'll find here some
people actually using Lua on OSX and with some real knowledge about
how things work.