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Bogdan Marinescu <bogdan.marinescu <at>> writes:
> No, but some of them go pretty close. On a system without a MMU, dlmalloc 
seems to perform very well. TLSF might be another good choice, although its 
own memory requirements are larger than dlmalloc's. Overall, based on some of 
my experiments, I recommend a form of segregated allocator, they seem to 
handle fragmentation quite well.

I did some profiling on the DSPs that we use for our products and dlmalloc and 
TLSF both performed very well compared to the other alternatives I tried.  In 
my tests dlmalloc performed about 5% (iirc) faster on average, and had lower 
overhead (both static and per allocation).  TLSF on the other hand proved to 
handle fragmentation better (in my tests) and was much smaller in terms of 
code space which we are always tight on.  We ended up going with TLSF and it 
seems to have been a good choice so far.