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On 3/7/10, Luciano de Souza <> wrote:
> If I understood: to serialize is to convert tables into a string
> representation and, without some significant code, we cannot do it.

> I will study everything you sent me. But now I need the simplest solution. I
> am studying IUP. I am trying to save some data in a file to test more
> realistically the features I programed. Up to now, the simplest way to save
> tables, as I cold see, the way we write less lines, it seems to be using
> XML. Am I right?
> I only want to save a table. Firstly, I tried to use Sqlite3. I learnt the
> SQL sintax. I read something about normalized databases. I read... I read...
> But although Sqlite is really simple, something always is wrong. It seemed
> to be very simple. But I got errors without error messages.
> After I tried to use lots of coma separated files, but it became hard.
> I tried to use XML and the results were OK to write values. To read values
> semms to be a little bit harder. As I could see, the simplest way to store a
> table is to use Luaxml.
> Actually, I tried to create my tables in Pascal:
> type
> wolrd = record
> country: string;
> city: string;
> end;
> With Plua and the interface with Lua stack, I could add and remove values in
> a table stored in a file. But it's a awful way, I know.
> In Python, we have something like:
> import shelve
> file ='countries.db')
> For this point on, "file" can be used as a table. After trying so many
> different things, only to save some data collected by a IUP interface,
> perhaps I am impacient. I am not lazy, believe.
> My options area:
> 1. to discover how to handle with the Sqlite erros;
> 2. to undestand better Luaxml. I found so few examples that I didn't mature
> the idea. Lua has good manuals, but I think Luaxml is not one of then.
> If I invest in this strategies of serialization, I will to learn more, and
> more, and more... I know to learn is one of the best things in the wolrd,
> but at this moment I need to conquer something.
> That's the greatest problem of beginners. You are right in everything you
> said. I think the problem is me.

If you you want serialization, save, and restore and xml is to
complex, then I'd go for one of those json libraries (for example

t = {
-- data here

-- save to file
f =, "w")

--read from file
f =
t = json.decode(f:read("*all"))