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hi list,
We're applying for the LuaAV[1] project to be a mentoring program for
this year's Google Summer of Code[2].  We're updating our website in
preparation for the application.  You can view our project ideas page
here: .  If anyone is interested
in applying for a project, please feel free to contact us.  The
notification for acceptance to be a mentoring program is March 18th
after which there will be 1.5 weeks for students to apply.  This is
our first time applying, so has any advice on how to make a successful
application, we're all ears.

A brief blurb about LuaAV:

LuaAV has been under development at UC Santa Barbara's Media Arts and
Technology program since 2007. It is supported by the AlloSphere
Research Lab[3] as well as the TransLAB. Our goal is to push the
boundaries of real-time audiovisual scripting environments as
computational platforms for creative expression. We are particularly
interested in applications that enable the live-coding and composition
of highly immerisive virtual environments.