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> At the same time, we are convinced that there are situations where
> those functions may be quite useful. To reconcile both views, we are
> reviewing our position that the debug library should be used only for
> debuging (as has already been suggested by some). The debug library
> still should be used with great care and parsimony, but it is a valid
> tool for metaprogramming (e.g., sandboxing) and other needs.

Perhaps it would be better to separate the two needs? Say, debug.* for
debugging, meta.* for metaprogramming. Not sure if it is possible

> We also came up with a new concept for environments in Lua 5.2; its
> main merit is simplicity.


Cool idea. But I have a question.

So, _ENV is visible to the end-user? Also it is a "special" variable
(as opposed to _G, which is just good old global).

I'm not sure I like this. Special variables are evil, and I can't
control them by overriding  a couple of functions (or removing them
from the sandbox).

Wouldn't it be better if direct access to _ENV would be replaced by
setenv()/getenv() function calls? (Note lack of "f" in function