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The following function is from lstrlib.c


static const char *max_expand (MatchState *ms, const char *s,

                                 const char *p, const char *ep) {

  ptrdiff_t i = 0;  /* counts maximum expand for item */

  while ((s+i)<ms->src_end && singlematch(uchar(*(s+i)), p, ep))


  /* keeps trying to match with the maximum repetitions */

  while (i>=0) {

    const char *res = match(ms, (s+i), ep+1);

    if (res) return res;

    i--;  /* else didn't match; reduce 1 repetition to try again */


  return NULL;



On our system, ptrdiff_t is unsigned long.  Therefore i>=0 is always true  and the function never returns.


Any ideas?




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