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On Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 2:31 PM, Alex Combas <> wrote:
> I think its probably something along the lines of this: binding to c/c++,
> bindings to the major databases,
> network, json, and http packages, bindings for a couple of gui toolkits,
> compression libraries, crypto libraries,
> and bindings for sdl and opengl.
> Thats all I could think of, I think Lua might already take care of a couple
> of those by default.
> I'm just kind of curious though what others might consider the "essentials"
> to be.
Keep in mind that some people are using Lua inside of C++ games (where
extra HTTP or GUI libraries are deadweight), some people are running
on embedded systems (i.e. without an OS, let alone a GUI), etc., and
each is going to have a different set of "essentials". Core Lua is
kept small so that it can be useful in many different circumstances.
It's much, much easier to add such libraries as necessary than to
remove them once they're assumed.

The Module Review page on the wiki
( may be helpful, and includes
a lot of links to libraries, but it's not a complete index. Checking
that, the packages in Lua for Windows, LuaForge, and the main LuaRocks
page are a good start for finding libraries, though.

Good luck,