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I like MurgaLua, but Mr. John Murga seems quite busy at present and it takes a long time for each release to appear.

The MurgaLua executables (cross-platform) are quite small, maybe the smallest programming environment I have encountered. (Turbo Pascal may be my past favourite, but ran only in DOS/Windows.)

On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 7:57 PM, Emil Tchekov <> wrote:
I was googling around and found thing called "murgaLUA"...

Seems to be very close to my needs - FLTK for bulding UI (i prefer wxWidgets),
SQLlite (i am using MySQL) and some other useful components...

So all I need is to learn very fast (earn some expertise) and built set of
executables containing wxWidgets & luaSQL for the target platforms - it seems
to be possible... This can take some time ;-)

nevertheless - thanks for the replies