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The "arbitrary precision library for Lua" (lbc) contains a file number.h which has this in it:

#define LONG_MAX 0x7ffffff

The number 0x7ffffff is 134217727 in decimal (note only 6 Fs).

Other definitions of LONG_MAX (eg. in limits.h) have it as:

#define LONG_MAX      2147483647L   /* maximum (signed) long value */

The number 2147483647 is 0x7FFFFFFF in hex (note 7 Fs, and this looks "more correct").

* Is this a typo in number.h (in the lbc library)?

* Should it be changed? 

* Would the change make any difference to the behaviour of the library, which after all, handles numbers larger than 134217727?

* Or is there a valid reason the two LONG_MAX defines would have different values?

- Nick