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Lua for Windows ( already has the Lua interpreter and several Lua modules. Last month I have also built a version of LuaRocks that can work with LfW so you can install new packages and upgrade the ones that you already have. See this message on the LuaRocks mailing list:

To compile C modules from source you are going to need the Windows Platform SDK, and the process is a little involved.

I added mingw support for LuaRocks, but the mingw .lib file for the version of MSVCRT that Lua for Windows uses is a little flaky, and some Lua libraries fail to compile, so using the (free as in beer) MSVC is still your best bet.

I am sure the heavier Windows users are going to chime in with suggestions, too. :-)

Fabio Mascarenhas

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 5:06 PM, Tom <> wrote:

I am interested in building lua and libraries lfs, wsapi, cosmo, orbit
and maybe others later myself on windows. Is there a page describing
what I need and how to do it? Also, can this be done using open source
or otherwise free to use tools?