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2010/2/12 Per Bull Holmen <>:
> Per Bull Holmen wrote:
>> Suppose that I want to keep a reference to a Lua object in C, but I
>> don't want to prevent it from being collected. When the Lua object is
>> collected, a full userdata will be collected with it, so I can keep
>> track of when it gets collected, and can take appropriate action to
>> unref the reference. I just don't want to prevent the garbage
>> collection from happening. The 2nd edition of PiL doesn't mention how
>> luaL_ref will work if the object is held in a weak table.
> Sorry, guys, I should have searched the archive better:
> I believe this means I CAN use luaL_ref on a weak table, and things will work as expected. Sorry for asking something I should have found through searching...!!

You're right, the behavior of the reference created by luaL_ref
depends on the table in which you create that reference. The registry,
which is often used with luaL_ref, keeps hard references.