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>> I'd like to avoid writing my own libuuid for OS X though...

> Ah, I see.  Obviously, that library isn't fork-safe.  I think on Mac
> OS X, the focus is on threading and not so much on forking, so you're
> better off switching from a fork() to a fork()/execve() combination.

Not a good news.

> Chances are that other libraries you might use don't survive forking,
> either.

I rarely need to use the same library both in child and parent. I do
forking in tests only. The test code is executed in parent process,
child forks are used to run services being tested.

> fork() is unsafe, really.

Well, unless there is some trick to transform fork() to
fork()/execve() without rewriting existing code, replacing it is not
an option.

I'd more likely drop OS X as a supported platform — I'm only using it
for development anyway.

However, I'd like keep OS X support. Perhaps there is fork-safe
libuuid implementation for OS X? MacPorts do have something named
ossp-uuid, perhaps I should try that...

Thank you,