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Terrible bad form replying to my own email I know, but the method I've
used did work after all.  I mistook the fact that when I tested it, I
didn't notice that luaL_loadstring had returned non 0, so that's why I
couldn't call the new code. :)

Sorry for the noise,


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[] On Behalf Of Tom Miles
Sent: 03 February 2010 10:23
Subject: Modifying lua code from c at runtime

Hello there,

At my bosses request I am having to move some of the more time critical
code in our project from lua to C++.  For the most part this is pretty
easy, but I have encountered a problem where I modify the code in one
lua state from another one.  My question therefore is how can I
replicate this in code?  The functionality I am trying to replicate is:

	p:SetGlobal("OnKey", function(key, v, ended) if key == "ESCAPE"
and ended then ClosePanel(p:Id()) end end)

i.e. I am creating a new lua function in the state of "p".

I tried:
luaL_loadstring(panel->lua_state(), "function OnKey(key, v, ended) if
key == \"ESCAPE\" and ended then
UIComponent(Component.Root()):ClosePanel()) end end");

But this just blatted over the top of existing code in the state.  Is
there actually a way of doing this or am I asking too much of lua and
need to address this problem in a completely different way?

Thanks in advance,