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First of all, this is my first post on this list, forgive me if the question is not brilliant :-).

I am starting to develop a application on Lua and since there is the need to do a lot of communication between objects, to loose coupling i was thinking on using some kind of generic purpose notification system like GSignal (, or like the event system used on QT, using something like this raises the flexibility of the system. Building a notification system in Lua is not very hard, but it is useless to build a new one if maybe there is something already done. I have done some research, include on luarocks, but i didn't found anything, everything that i found about events was related to poll, select, kqueue (Multi tasking stuff, like luaevent and luasys). But this is not what i really want, i want something to make easier a 1 to many relationship, not to make poll on file descriptors, sockets, etc.

If someone can help me, i would appreciate.

Best regards,