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2009/12/29 Juris Kalnins <>:
> On Mon, 28 Dec 2009 22:46:05 +0200, Rob Hoelz <> wrote:
>> I figured I'd just start simple, but feel free to optimize! =)
> Well, since you say so... :)
> simple:
> bright = '\27[1m'
> red = '\27[31m'
> ...
> reset = '\27[m'
> ----
> print(red, "text", reset)
> more simple:
> print "\27[1;31mBAD HAPPEN!\27[m"
> Actually, most of the time writing escapes inline is much easier than using
> a library. And since Lua accepts control characters inside quotes, you
> actually can type ^[ character instead of \27 (when writing with e.g. vim or
> emacs) and then using "less -R" you can see your code in full color.

It can get tricky remembering what all those codes mean, so I'd rather
have some abstraction. Incidentally I wrote a similar library, which
is here: - I
obviously need to do some work on publishing what we've written better

  somestyle = termcolours.getstyle("red") -- or ("bright", "red"),
("red", "underline") etc.
  print(termcolours.getstring(somestyle, "Hello world"))

Probably some optional metatable magic wouldn't go amiss, but I wanted
the code to be fairly efficient (being part of our logging it gets
called a lot).