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> Sorry to spam this list with a sputnik issue, but the sputnik mailing
> list is not working (it says there's a bug in mailman when trying to
> access the list's webpage; tried to report it as a bug but the tracker
> says I have to introduce a captcha which is not visibile -- the new
> ticket form says This reCAPTCHA key isn't authorized for the given
> domain).

Thanks for pointing this out. I fixed the recaptcha issue and will
think of what to do with the list. Unfortunately, luaforge lists have
been flaky the last few months, but I'll check what other options
there might be.

> I tried installed Sputnik following the custom installation page. My
> goal is to install Sputnik on Xavante via LuaRocks on Windows.
> When running sputnik.lua.bat start-xavante I get the following error:
> C:\LuaRocks/rocks//wsapi/1.1-2/lua/wsapi\common.lua:335: attempt to
> call field 'new' (a nil value)

First, I believe you will need to install "rings". For some reason,
WSAPI rock does not list rings as a dependency, even though it won't
work without it.

If this doesn't help, check that you can load things by hand:

~: path/to/lua
> require("luarocks.require")
> require"sputnik.wsapi_app"
> s ={
  VERSIUM_PARAMS = { 'C:\LuaRocks\bin/wiki-data/' },
  BASE_URL       = '/',
  PASSWORD_SALT  = 'Zqv4h9X9BTraAGs1JOidWTyXj6Qrgr24g1sihGjV',
> =s
function: 0x6b2cf0

If you get here, you are mostly there.

- yuri