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>> > I just posted a simple ANSI terminal color manipulation module on
>> > the wiki for anyone who would find it useful; I know I like throwing
>> > different colors out onto the console from time to time.

>> Useful stuff, thanks!

>> Do you care about hosting it on, say, GitHub, and making a luarock
>> for it?

> Now on GitHub:


> I've never made a rock before; I'll have to take care of that when I
> have more time.  But I'd gladly accept a rock spec from any volunteers.
> =)

I'll try to make one for you (for pure Lua modules it should be simple).

However, Lua rock should have a version. I think can use a commit
SHA1-hash for that, but that would be kind of obscure. :-)

No need to hurry with tagging 0.1 right now though, let the dust from
announce settle a bit.