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Hi all,

I'm proud to announce the release 0.9.5 of GSL Shell that does
introduce a new powerful and flexible module to
produce graphical plots and diagrams.

The new module is very flexible and let the user produce almost any
kind of graphics to represent data or functions. The most basic usage
is just to plot a function or multiple functions but the most advanced
users will be able to do almost anything by using the powerful
graphical primitives.

The module is based on the excellent Anti-Grain Geometry (AGG) library
by Maxim Shemanarev. The Lua interface gives access to a big portion
of the features of AGG. Probably I'm going to change many things in
the C++ code and also in the Lua inteface but for the moment
everything is functional and I believe that users will be able to use
it to do a lot of interesting things.

The basic documentation for the module is already available at You can find also a
couple of examples here,

In the download page you will find the
binary for windows as well as the source code. The compilation with
Windows is tricky and there is a bug in a mingw library that will
raise an error during the linkage. If you are interested in compiling
the code under windows please contact me directly.

I'm sure that there are still a lot of problems and there are a lot of
features that should be added. As usual any suggestion or criticism is

I'm also looking for volunteers so if you want to help don't hesitate
to contact the author.