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What I sent you is not exactely a program, but only a simple test writen to understand the options I have using IUP. As I told you before, I am blind. I am not so interested in color indeed, but the bgcolor attribute is so easy to use that I decide to test it. My screen reader can inform the change of colors on the window.

Since it is only a test, don't search a well-built code. Actually, in this example, the button changing the color is "Agendar", in the code identified by al_bt_schedule. So the lines you need to observe are from "function al_bt_schedule". You are right: only typing "root.bgcolor = '200 200 200', I can change the color. However, is it occur immediately and for all the screen? I think no, but my screen reader or I can be craizy. As long as I move the focus with the tabulations, one part of the screen is changed, becoming wholly changed, only when I move the focus to another TAB.

You can see anyway how IUP will help me in programin. A graphical interface created by someone who can't see anything is a very differnt thing, don't you? But, from waht I am able to understand, although the normal vision is very important, to program IUP codes is perhaps suficient to imagine. Furthermore, it is one of my first examples. Certainly, I will improve my skills. Despite the non attractive layout, for the screen readers, the navigation among the controls is very simple.

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Subject: RE: Updating windows in IUP

function ChangeColor:action()
root.bgcolor = '200 200 200'

 Actually you don't need to call iup.Update for the dialog, it should be
updated automatically. This is probably the reason why the Tabs is not being
properly updated also. I'm going to check this.

The second doubt also concerns to window updating. Suppose I have a
listbox identified by "countries". Pressing a button, I will update the
listbox items with new values gotten from a database. Each element is
added by means of "countries:appenditem". Well, I have the listbox
updated, but the window doesn't show it. I think this is the same doubt
about bgcolor, but I ask: how to do it?

 This one I couldn't reproduce. Can you send me a simple example so I can
reproduce your problem here?

Congratulations for the IUP developers. Among all the GUI libraries,
IUP is really the simplest one I found.


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