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VirusCamp wrote:
I've improved ChunkSpy.

Here is the Changlog:
1.  add more meaningful comments ( from luadec51 )
2.  now it can process lua source file directly ( use load and
string.dump to compile )
3.  use opnum trans instead of hard coded nums in function
DescribeInst, so it can easily add new opcode by changing local op and

Thanks, I'm happy to take a look and if appropriate, accept your contributions, and update the stuff in LuaForge accordingly. How do you want to be credited in the ChangeLog?

You can send contributions to me directly, so as to not burden this list with non-Lua-development matters -- I'm not trying to cramp your style, but it's preferable to avoid too much unnecessary noise or off-topic matters.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia