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On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 11:27 PM, Tim Maxwell wrote:
> Does Lua have a public bug/issue tracker?

Issue tracking is not centralized; rather, each project maintains its
own, often on sites like Google Code, LuaForge, and GitHub.  The list
of issues for the Lua core itself is small and listed on [1], and some
of the 5.2 directions are listed at [2].

>>> Are there any ways I could help develop Lua?
>>> Bug fixes, libraries that Lua needs, etc?

There's a significant need in terms of Lua distributions.  We have
about 100-200 packages in LuaRocks and LuaDist.  Quite a few of these
have builds that fail on at least one major platform.  Many of these
also lack tests and proper documentation.  Other packages are missing
from the repo.  Once smoke test runs are public and automated, we'll
have a high level overview of what's broken where.  Part of this
programming-in-the-large stuff is inline to the LuaForge2 effort.

Particular libraries also have their needs.  As you use a library of
interest to you, you'll usually find things that can be improved.  If
you think some code is missing from coverage in the Lua Universe,
consult the mail list or check the Lua WIki for prior art (e.g. list
of implementations of Lua [3]).