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> The (likely) Lua 5.2 ABI breakage will raise a storm of protest for sure.

For the record: we do not promise ABI compatibility between even minor
versions (which in Lua are actually major releases). Also, for the
record, the intended use of Lua is to be embedded into an application,
even if that application is a Lua interpreter (including the one we
distribute). As such, it does not make sense to expect that Lua cores
as shared libraries will be "updatable" like the current open software
practice dictates. Downstream packagers that distribute Lua as shared
libraries are living dangerously. And, yes, I know that it'd be nice to
be able to distribute bug-fix releases of Lua (e.g., 5.1.5) as shared
libraries for maximum profit with minimal impact, but I don't know how
to please both worlds.