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From: liam mail
So you are saying that a configure script which sets up Lua before compiling the library and does not check that types are large enough to pass a standard type and retrieve the same type is not a bug?

I wouldn't consider it a bug at all. I can say with confidence that the majority of users would prefer that their lua numbers were doubles then long doubles - even those running 64 bit. Long doubles take up more space, increasing the size of the whole Lua union, and are only supported by legacy x87 (not SSE etc), which ironically isn't supported by x64 (AFAIK). Meaning all floating point maths would have to be calculated in software. The majority would prefer to be limited to 53 bits of mantissa then suffer the above, especially when you consider light_userdata can be used to store (against Ansi C as Mike Pall's pointed out) 64 bit integers at no increase in the union size.

It's just one of the catches of using floating point as the only form of maths.

- Alex