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On Dec 9, 2009, at 9:51 PM, George wrote:

> Hi all.
> This is my first public announcement of LuaPlugged:
> LuaPlugged provides a (almost) fully CMake'ified build system for Lua
> where most options found in luaconf.h can be configured with cmake. 
> Lua can be compiled with C or C++ (a C++ wrapper library with some
> extensions I find useful is also present).
> In addition, it allows to select additional patches (currently the
> bug-fixes as published on, a re-entrant
> patch [untested] and the LNUM patch,
> as well as modules (currently LuaFileSystem and the Qt-bindings from
> Feedback more than welcome (including harsh critique...).
you might be interested to check out the[1] project which uses CMake as build backend to build lua[2], lua-modules[3] and even some libraries the modules depend on. We are looking for contributors experienced with CMake.