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Just for fun here are some LUA acronyms...

Love you a lot     -
Limited User Access	     -
Limited User Accounts	
Legemidler Utenom Apotek	
Lift Up America	
Limited Utility Allowance
Logical Unit Application interface	
Life Underwriters Association	
Lighten Up America	
Logical Unit Also	
La Ultima Alianza	
Land Use Amendment	
Latvia University of Agriculture	
legionella urinary antigen	
low uric acid line	
low-uric acid line	
Local Uniform Authority	
Link Uninhibit Acknowledgement
Limited Use Area	
Library Users of America	
Logan Urbanized Area	
Local Unit of Administration	
Logical Unit API	
Lumbermens Underwriting Alliance	
Letters of Understanding and Agreement	
Logical Unit Address	
Laundry Universal Association	
Limited Users Accout	
Land Use Assessment	
Lead Use Assembly	
Labour Union of Ahmedabad	
Lawrence University Appleton	


On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 6:31 AM, Linus Sjögren
<> wrote:
> I agree with this.
> Maybe with a big NO similar to
> 2009/12/6 Alexander Gladysh <>
>> Hi, list!
>> Uninitiated people just keep writing Lua in all-caps.
>> I know, it is wrong to jump up and correct them, but sometimes I just
>> can't restrain myself. :-)
>> Aren't there a website (in the spirit of, say,
>> where I could politely point?
>> Giving a link to is not good
>> enough, as required information there is surrounded by a lot of other
>> text.
>> Perhaps we should register or
>> and write something catchy there?
>> If noone else would volunteer, I can do this.
>> What does the community think?
>> Alexander.