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Jerome Vuarand wrote:
2009/12/3 Javier Guerra <>:

Thanks to the "all-in-one" loader, you can put Foo.Bar.core
(luaopen_Foo_Bar_core) in Foo.dll. The C code will be loaded in memory
with the Foo module, but it won't be loaded into the Lua interpreter
until you require Foo.Bar.core.

Thanks both. I ended doing what Javier suggested, but I just tested this suggestion and it works fine. Sadly, it does not work under LuaRocks (at least v1), because I can't find a way to declare that in the rockspec (that's way I'm crossposting this to LR list)

This is the relevant part of the rockspec.

build = {
  type = "command",
  build_command = [[ a command for building my library ]],
  install = {
    lib = {
      ["Foo"] = [[Foo.dll]],
    lua = {
      ["Foo.Bar"] = [[Lua\Bar.lua]]

I can't find a way to let LR know that Foo.dll is responsible for modules "Foo" and "Foo.Bar.Core"

Ignacio Burgueño