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>      Then why not create a struct that has a slot for the refID and a slot
>      for the LThread, and pass that around between your functions, rather
>      than the LThread itself? Then:
>      � �int iRet = lua_resume(pMyStateWrapper->
>      � �if (iRet != LUA_YIELD)
>      � �{
>      � � � �// push pMyStateWrapper->refID onto stack, unref the ThreadTable
>      � � � �// for that refID, and let GC do its thing on the thread..
>      � �}
>      That seems too simple, I'm guessing you have some reason for avoiding it
>      but I don't see what it is.
>    My reasoning for avoiding this is that when a lua script calls a cfunction
>    that may yield the signature is:
>    ��� int function(lua_State *L)
>    so to store this for a resume later on i would need to find the
>    pMyStateWrapper somewhere.

M = thread/co routine manager

S = some system that has registered a C interface for lua scripts to use
       This may yield, i'll use the specific example of a system that impliments a Delay(fTime) function for scripts to use.

L = a co routine

M creates L and could create MyStateWrapper then starts L

L calls Delay(1.0) S gets a call to its registered function of signature int function(lua_State *L) and yields L
...1 second later...
S wants to Resume L however the resume requires MyStateWrapper so that is can properly clean up if the L ends or errors.
Now i must look up in a map that associates L with MyStateWrapper.

> I don't understand why the c api dosn't support:
>       lua_pushthread(L, LThread)
> but i'm not out to change lua so this is only a curiosity.

I've wondered this too, but it's only one extra step to get what you want:

 lua_xmove(LThread, L, 1);

The issue i run into with this is that after an error running LThread lua asserts if i try to manipulate it's stack, which is troublesome if i need the thread or when trying to do tracebacks.
however i still need to look into this more, I'm unsure if there isn't something else going on.