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in lgc.c
static void traversestack (global_State *g, lua_State *l) {
  StkId o, lim;
  CallInfo *ci;
  markvalue(g, gt(l));
  lim = l->top;
  for (ci = l->base_ci; ci <= l->ci; ci++) {
    lua_assert(ci->top <= l->stack_last);
    if (lim < ci->top) lim = ci->top;
  for (o = l->stack; o < l->top; o++)
    markvalue(g, o);
  for (; o <= lim; o++)
  checkstacksizes(l, lim);

The call stack will be traversed in gc mark phase, so the BASE[-1]
will be treated specially. Though it is a number value, the gc known
its internals. So the function object will be marked.
May I got the right understanding?