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* Tony Finch:

> On Sat, 17 Oct 2009, David Given wrote:
>> There isn't really a good solution to this --- it's one of the reasons
>> why Unicode domain names have never really taken off.
> The solution is generally for TLDs to implement a character set policy.
> For example, .at only allows these non-ascii characters in domain names:
> ä ü ö ë à á â è é ê ì í î ï ò ó ô ù ú û ý ÿ ã å æ ç ð ñ õ ø œ š þ ž

.at can't control what you put into subdomains.  So you just have to
put a homograph for "/" into a subdomain and you are done.

But the l1I homographs and the fact that browsers truncate long domain
names at the right end, and not the left, shows that this is a tempest
in a teapot.  If those problems were real, vendors would have been
forced to fix them by now.  (Back when those issues were raised for
the first time, the URL bar wasn't even a mandatory UI element, it
could be disabled with simple, well-documented Javascript!)