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On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 4:16 PM, Asko Kauppi <> wrote:
> My by-now standard disclaimer to why Lanes via LuaRocks is not working (it's
> actually great, this way I know people tried >:):
> <<
> I've essentially cleaned away my web sites since Lanes came out. That
> explains the missing links, though does not justify them. Sorry.
> I'm not going to change anything, though. People who really need to reach me
> will - as you have.  :)
> As to LuaRocks, I only intended to make the rock as a test on how easy/hard
> making a rock feels. I did not and do not intend to be maintaining the rock
> as well as the library itself. Rocks, and other distributions, require a
> "second tier" view on the product and in my opinion are best done by someone
> else than the author.
> <<
> The error you got is indeed the same as I had with Fink Lua (which I'm the
> maintainer of) prior to tuning it for safe multithreading. I'll send you the
> Fink building rules, maybe there is something in there that will help.
> Thanks for sending the bug report.

Sorry about the late response -- I updated the Lanes rockspec to
version 2.0.3 (and uploaded a .src.rock file as well, so the
repository is resistant to future URL changes). Tested on Linux --
please let me know if there are any problems on other platforms.

-- Hisham