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On Sunday 18, GrayFace wrote:
> I'm thinking of the same way window procedures are done in Delphi. Allocate
> memory blocks for executtion (VirtualAlloc on Windows, dunno what on Linux.
> Maybe even malloc would be fine), write delegates there: write machine code
> for call instruction + the parameter to function.
> I wasn't correct about 32-bit Windows. I mean 32-bit applications for
> Windows. No matter what the real processor is as long as it supports 32-bit
> applications. For other architectures it would need different call opcode,
> for other systems it would need different memory allocation.
> I hoped such thing was in some kind of cross-platform library, but brief
> googling hasn't given the needed result. Maybe someone else would be more
> lucky.

You could do this with a JIT like LLVM [1] or libjit [2]


Robert G. Jakabosky