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So if I understand that, I can't wrapper cvCreateTrackBar function
without re-implementing it in my wrapper, because i'm not able to get
proper Callback function pointer from lua and pass it to opencv
library as a C function pointer.

But it leads to the bypassing original library function and that isn't
too great.

And using hacks isn't proper for me, because it's part of my Bachelor
thesis and I want clear code.

Thanks for help.

With regards,
Jiri Prymus

2009/10/17 Wesley Smith <>:
> I've got a system that allows me to set Lua functions as callback
> actions from GtkMenuItems.  You can find he code here:
> // generic interface:
> 471: int MenuItem :: action(lua_State *L)
> // gtk callback system:
> 93: void MenuBarImpl :: dispatch(MenuItem *mi)
> 419: void MenuItem :: implEnableAction()
> wes