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>I have a problem that I've been tearing my hair out over for the past
>day or so.  We have an application that saves out data in a lua
>parseable file.  This has been working for a good few months, but we
>have found a file that under some as yet unknown condition 
>will crash in
>lua when saving.  The crash occurs in sweeplist() at the line:
>  while ((curr = *p) != NULL && count-- > 0) {
>    if (curr-> == LUA_TTHREAD)  /* sweep open upvalues of each
>thread */

I have exactly the same problem.  Trying to write a (Lua parsable) file
and get a crash on this exact same position.
I have only seen this twice now on a server that usally runs for months 
without problems.  Conincidentally the last crash happened today.

I haven't tried to debug or reproduce it yet.  Unfortunately I haven't got 
a core, only a backtrace.

Sorry, that I can't help you much here.  At least you are not alone. :/