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> The WinSock page in this case
> ( specifically
> says this:
> exceptfds:
> - If processing a connect call (nonblocking), connection attempt failed.
> - OOB data is available for reading (only if SO_OOBINLINE is disabled).
> Looking over the man page you linked me, it doesn't seem like Linux does it
> this way, which is interesting. From what I'm hearing, it looks like I will
> need to send a no-op to determine if it failed or is just still connecting?

Linux, or any other unixy system, to my knowledge.

Have you tried using luasocket's select yet, and verified that it does
not in fact work?

You can do it from the cmd line very quickly, see the code I posted.

Its possible you'll see the connected fd in the read and/or write set.