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The recent LuaForge outage has made it obvious that there is a need
for a mirror, ideally totally separated from the main LF machine. Here
is what we've go so far:

(Note that the domain name is temporary.)

This mirror should have:

1. Basic public metadata for all projects
2. All public releases as of 2009/10/10 (under /files/)
3. Archives of all public mailing lists (under /lists/)

The metadata is presented as just an HTML file for now, though that
file should be easy to parse. It lists first the projects that
actually have some archived content, then all remaining registered
projects. The HTML file links to the locations of each projects
mailing list and file archives.

Owners of projects whose releases were lost with the crash can get
their files from this mirror and resubmit them.

We do not yet know how often the mirror will be updated. We'll try to
keep it reasonably up to date, but it's a messy process.

If someone wants to replicate the full content of the mirror, please
get in touch with me before spidering the 3GB of data. We can discuss
the best way to get you the data.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please keep it civil, though...

- yuri