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I don't want to revert it to a previous version. I want to keep the current additions, but have them work like the old one did.

When I looked at history (which I'm fairly sure I did) I couldn't see any change that would be causing the problem.

From: "Philippe Lhoste" <>
Sent: Monday, October 12, 2009 A7:13
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.lang.lua.general
To: <>
Subject: Re: Kepler graph

On 11/10/2009 03:02, Stuart P. Bentley wrote:
I think I broke it. I made an edit to clarify how Sputnik handles pages and now it's stopped recognizing subgraphs.

Stuart, it is a Wiki, if you click on the table icon (top-right of page), you can see history and go back to a working version.

Also using Graphviz, you can play with it locally until it looks like you want... :-)

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