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Based on request, I've changed the LNUM patch behaviour to be more in- line with standard Lua.

10-Oct-09 AK: Made hex value handling same as with standard Lua with modes where this is possible without sacrificing bitwise resolution (i.e. ldouble and double+int32 modes).

For double+int32 (new):
        0xffffffff = 2^32-1
        0xdeadbeef > 0

For i.e. float+int32 (like it was):
	0xffffffff = -1
        0xdeadbeef < 0

In other words, hex integers with topmost bit set are now stored (unsigned) as floating point when doing so would not endanger losing their least significant bit accuracy.

The changed patch is _not_ uploaded to LuaForge or anywhere. To get it you have to do a svn checkout:

	svn co svn://

The LNUM patch, also known as "integer patch" allows Lua 5.1 to treat pure integer operations with full accuracy and more speed on non-FP platforms, without changing the external interfaces.

- asko