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2009/10/9 Fernando P. García <>:
> Say by example that you can't guarantee that project X will always be
> maintained, all we are volunteers, so if somebody wants to fork, nice, but
> he should explain his reasons. It means that we need guidelines to take
> decisions.

Actually, forking is rarely the issue with Lua modules.  (Does anybody
know of any high profile cases?)

What happens is that different people have the same idea, work in
isolation, and come up with different solutions.  For example, XML:
Lua for Windows has two distinct modules that can parse XML and
generate a Lua table representation, and these representations are of
course not compatible.  In this case, luaexpat is more 'canonical' (a
rule of thumb is to pick something from the Kepler stable ;)) but it
gets confusing.

steve d.