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eLua is an effort to bring the Lua programming language in the embedded world (MCUs). It is meant to be a complete MCU development environment. It currently runs on a number of ARM variants, as well as Cortex, AVR32 (and i386 as a proof of concept). Version 0.6 was released, this is the changelog:

* License changed to MIT
* Web page and documentation completely redesigned
* Documentation available offline
* Added documentation in portuguese
* Added support for AVR32 CPUs
* Added support for STM32 Cortex-M3 CPUs
* Added ADC module with support for moving average filters
* Added support for multiple toolchains
* Added an ls (or dir) shell command
* Added new examples: pong, tetrives, spaceship (games), logo (graphics), adcpoll, adcscope (ADC operations)
* Added the LTR (Lua Tiny RAM) patch
* ROM FS content can be specified per board now
* API semantic revisions (old code might not be compatible)

We made this new release public on the same day the Lua workshop started (and eLua was presented as part of the workshop), so we're naturally very excited about this :) Thank you for all your support.
You can find all the project documentation at

Bogdan and Dado