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On 10/1/09, Robert G. Jakabosky <> wrote:
> Attached is a patch to add CMake build files to Lua 5.1.  I have only tested
> them on Linux, but they should work for atleast Macs & Windows systems.
> Also
> some of the LUA_USE_* CMake options don't do anything right now, but they
> can
> still be changed in src/luaconf.h
> The patch doesn't change any of the existing files in Lua, it only adds
> about
> 3 files.  The old Makefiles will still be there.
> If you use CMake in the same folder as the source, then it will overwrite
> some
> of the old Makefiles.
> I would recommend this usage (for Linux type systems):
> cd lua-5.1.4/
> patch -p1 </tmp/lua_CMake.patch
> mkdir build
> cd build
> cmake ..
> make
> make install
> --

Hi Robert,
I've also have a CMake build system for Lua. Would you take a look at
it and maybe incorporate some of the ideas with yours? Mine covers a
lot of Mac-isms (like OS X style frameworks and Universal Binaries)
which generally people don't remember to put into their build systems.