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David Given <> writes:

> steve donovan wrote:
> [...]
>> Definitely the winner of two contests (a) typographic ingenuity and
>> (b) obfuscation.
> I'm still pushing for my proposal to allow all characters with codes in
> the range 128-255 to be considered valid in names. This would allow
> identifiers contain UTF-8 sequences. Apart from being friendly to
> non-English speaking programmers, this would also allow obfuscated
> programs the likes of which would be beyond our wildest nightmares.

One problem is that a lot of that UTF-8 stuff is punctuation.  And some
are even combining characters/diacritics.  If you write such a combining
character before an ASCII non-character, the resulting glyph is partly
identifier, partly non-identifier.

Is it Lua's problem? Perhaps not.

David Kastrup