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Phoenix Sol wrote:

On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 1:54 PM, Stefan <> wrote:
Like so?

I would be happy to send the artwork to someone so they could upload it to
the cafepress store...

Phoenix Sol wrote:
I'd buy a shirt from the Lua website to help financially support the
project if they were available. *hint hint*!
Me, too; but only if available in black ;)

Ask, and you shall receive:

This contains a 6, 8, and ten inch PNG file @ 200 DPI for uploading to cafepress. Included is the standard blue logo with all white regions converted to transparent, and the previously linked "see-thru white & silver" logo. I also threw in the SVG source file (based on the official PS files) that I used to create the images. It comes in mighty handy for making website logos and whatnot with Inkscape or Adobe.

All files provided are hereby placed into public domain as derived works. Use as you wish pursuant to the original artwork license and it's treatment of derived works...

(sorry for the top post last time) :/