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> In a recent thread [1], I brought up the concept of a 'begin' keyword
> that can be used to create anonymous, argument-less functions.

Here a token filter in C that does that. Enjoy.

* proxy.c
* lexer proxy for Lua parser -- implements 'begin' as sugar for 'function ()'.
* Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <>
* 02 Oct 2009 23:59:54
* This code is hereby placed in the public domain.
* Add <<#include "proxy.c">> just before the definition of luaX_next in llex.c

#include <string.h>

static int nexttoken(LexState *ls, SemInfo *seminfo)
	static int state=0;
	int t;
	if (state==1)  {
		return '(';
	else if (state==2)  {
		return ')';
	if (t==TK_NAME && strcmp(getstr(seminfo->ts),"begin")==0) {
	return t;

#define llex nexttoken