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  There are many ways to do that. Some tools append the Lua code to the executable. Other tools compile the code and add them as include files in the source code. Which one you are trying to use?


  I use the second one because it works seamless in all platforms. You have to run luac to convert you lua files to bytecode, then use bin2c to convert it to a C function call.


  If this is what you want I can give you more details.





De: [] Em nome de Bob Hibberdine
Enviada em: segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009 13:07
Assunto: Embedding Lua / IUP




I am hoping someone can help...


I have a quite large Lua / IUP script that I would like to make into an “executable” (Windows XP). To that end I thought I’d embed my lua script into a C program.

1.       Starting from scratch I found a simple example (“Hello, World!”) of doing this with plain Lua. This worked...

2.       Moving on to the next step I took a very simple IUP Lua example (text.wlua) and tried to get this working from C. This did not work..

3.       To check that I had included the right IUP libraries etc I tried building the  IUP example “sample.c” with the same VC project settings as #2. This worked.


The fact that #3 works suggests that I have all the right IUP libraries and dlls in all the right places. Which points the finger at the iuplua libraries.???


When I say it doesn’t work specifically the program just stops at getchar() (see code below) without anything else happening. The return value from  luaL_dofile is 1.


I am using

Microsoft visual studio 2005. The free version.

IUP 2.7.1 (IUP libraries are this version too)

Lua 5.1

Lua for Windows.



My very simple cpp code is a copy of lua_init.c from the IUP web site. See below:


Could the  problem be to do with calling conventions ? Visual C did not let me create a C project (only C++)  I don’t know. It has been a long time since I did any  windows programming (That’s why I am using Lua / IUP.!!)



Can anyone suggest anything or better still send me a working VC project (I live in hope J)


Many thanks





#include <stdio.h>


extern "C" {

      #include "lua.h"

      #include "lualib.h"

      #include "lauxlib.h"


#include <iup.h>

#include <iupcontrols.h>


#include <iuplua.h>

//#include <iupluacontrols.h>




lua_State* L;


int main ( int argc, char *argv[] )



  IupOpen(&argc, &argv);

//  IupControlsOpen();


  // Lua 5 initialization

  L = lua_open();  




//  iupcontrolslua_open(L);


 // do other things, like running a lua script

luaL_dofile(L, "text.wlua");

//  IupMainLoop();






      /// pause

      printf( "Press enter to exit..." );



      return 0;



And text.wlua is


require( "iuplua" )


text = iup.text{value = "Write a text; press Ctrl-Q to exit"}


function text:k_any(c)

  if c == iup.K_cQ then

    return iup.CLOSE


  return iup.DEFAULT



dlg = iup.dialog{text; title="IupText"}


dlg:showxy(iup.CENTER, iup.CENTER)



if (not iup.MainLoopLevel or iup.MainLoopLevel()==0) then




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