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Hi Long,

2009/6/22 Cheng, Long <>:
> Hi all:
> We have a lua program using lpeg to do some data validation job. The
> input data is a customized data format expression and lot of data (all
> in string format). The program parses the input data format expression
> and generates a new lpeg pattern, which is then used to validate all the
> data strings. The problem we encounted was for some complicated data
> format expression, the generated lpeg pattern exceeds the buildin
> pattern limit MAXPATTSIZE. After a quick glance into lpeg.c source code
> I simply changed the MAXPATTSIZE to INT_MAX - 10 and two occusion of
> "short" to "int". The patch is attached below. From my testing results,
> the program runs well under this patch. I dont have deep understanding
> of the lpeg implementation, so I write to this list asking if anyone can
> confirm that is there any problem with this patch. Thanks!

This has been brought up before [1]. It is apparently ok to do.


-Patrick Donnelly

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ford that see the shallows."

- Benjamin Franklin