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That's true that the '=' and <table: 0x.....> may be disturbing when you start to learn Lua.
However I agree that changing the default behavior is even worse ! At the end you will confuse the user at some point.
We could propose to keep the '=' as in the standard Lua shell and add another "modifier" (let's say ':') to use the table dumper.
    >t = {"hello"}
    table: 0xcb1400
    { "hello"}


steve donovan wrote:
On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 11:37 AM, Jim Whitehead II<> wrote:
I never once implied that it shouldn't be there, but it should not be
masking the default behavior of the language.  If you'd note, in
lua_bot it's called pp() for pretty print.  The name is terrible, but
it serves the same purpose.
Sorry about that, I was responding to tone not content ;)  pp() is not
a bad name. The point is well taken: that people would get the idea
that this was built-in behaviour and get distressed when their first
use of a real interpreter is so different.

steve d.

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