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On Tuesday 09, Anselmo Junior wrote:
> In LuaJava, the LuaState object has the same methods that is in C. If you
> know how to do is in C, i think we can do it with LuaState in java.
> I try replace in lua script the line "t[03] = "3"" for "t["03"] = "3"" and
> really work, i get the number "3" (the value of key "03"), but i'd like to
> use numeric keys.

Looks like LuaJava's API doesn't follow the Lua C API completely.

Looking over the API docs for LuaJava I found this method in the LuaState 
getLuaObject(LuaObject parent, java.lang.String name)
getLuaObject(LuaObject parent, java.lang.Number name)
getLuaObject(LuaObject parent, LuaObject name)

based on the description it looks like you pass the table object as 
the "parent" parameter and the "name" parameter is the key you want.

LuaState seems to be a weird place for that method.  I don't see why they 
didn't put it in LuaObject.

Robert G. Jakabosky