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Dolphin wrote:
> I think it is strange they they deny the alternate binary trees implementation
> by setting a parameter on the gc:
> collectgarbage("setstepmul", 0)
> that file creates a TON of garbage and on my PC the speedup is HUGE.

Well, the binarytrees benchmark *is* intended to measure the
performance of the memory allocator and garbage collector (if any).
The name is a bit misleading -- it doesn't really measure how fast
or easy you can construct a binary tree.

IIRC there was a controversy about some "optimized" JVM settings,
which effectively turned off the GC for this benchmark. The
stricter rules were enforced right after that ... :-)

BTW: The site mentioned in the parent of this thread has been
updated. It now features the 2009 benchmark results, filtered to
only display the best (and accepted) implementation results: