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Hi guys,

This is a consolidation release, and several nasty bugs have been
sorted out, particularly in

pl.array is now called pl.array2d, to make its purpose more explicit
and avoid any confusion with the vague word 'array'. This module also
has new functions to manipulate rows and columns, plus the ability to
extract 2D slices and initialize ranges to a given value.

pl.string is now called pl.stringx, and no longer gets automatically
brought into the regular string table with require 'pl', unless you
specifically say 'stringx.import()'. require 'pl' now uses a cunning
load-on-demand scheme, which ensures that little-used modules are only
loaded if refered.  pl.strict is provided, compatible with this

A small class library is available, providing things like Set and
OrderedMap.  It also exposes a basic class mechanism, which uses the
very nice notation of classlib, but no attempt to do multiple
inheritance (which feels overrated esp. in the Lua context) and is
more efficient.  (I hesitated about this, given the plethora of
classlib-like libraries, but what the hell)

steve d.