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On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 9:29 AM, Robert G. Jakabosky
<> wrote:
> llvm-lua is a Lua JIT/static compiler that uses LLVM on the backend to convert
> Lua bytecode into machine code for faster execution.  Using LLVM gives Lua
> JIT support on cpu architectures other then x86.


Congratulations on the release!

I'm interested in trying to port our code to llvm-lua. I have a couple
of questions:

1. We use Lua built as C++ (this means at least throwing exception
instead of calling longjump() in lua_error()). Does llvm-lua support

2. We have many Lua states created and used in many threads (one state
is used by a single thread at a time). Would this work with llvm-lua?